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Sunday, February 6, 2011

And so it begins..

Dreaded job interview question #1:  So tell me about yourself?

I started working for a small  firm in Charlotte, NC in 1996.  I had grown up  with this small company and I truly loved the people and my job.  I was happy to be there and felt very grateful that I had job security with a company that I loved.   I was 14 years into my career and pretty settled and comfortable in my job.  I had gotten a two year degree in 2004 but that was about all I had done to grow my career.  I was "back office" and my working career revolved around the ten or so people that I worked with on a daily basis.  The managing partner came into my office at the end of November 2010 and informed me that we were over employed at my position and I was being made part-time due to the economy. 

Over the months since, I have been blundering about trying to find the way through a very confusing economic time in the country and in my life.  I have been blessed to find resources freely offered and astounded at the kindness of humans.  I have been amazed at some of the hidden resources I am discovering and I am discovering more about myself.  Several of my friends have started grilling me on what I am doing to find another full time job and I'm realizing that more of them are looking to me for assistance in their own job search.  I recently attended a gathering of six people and we realized that four of us were on unemployment.

I have been blogging unofficially on Facebook for years but I thought it would be fun to start an official blog chronicling my  job search activities.  For the first time in my life I am conducting a real, targeted job search.   I am learning how to network and exploring as many out of the box solutions as possible and three months into my job search, I am finally at a place to really find success.   My resume says "resourceful problem-solver" and I am endeavoring to live that code every single day.  This whole process has been one of learning and while I find it exciting it is also terrifying.  

I will share what I learn as I blunder along.  Perhaps you may identify and you may have some resources to share with me.  One rule of networking is to pay it forward so I will give what little I know and maybe you can find something of value.  Don't give up hope!  We will all of us get through this and you are not alone.  I say those words to myself every single day and some days that is easier to believe than on others.  I am just a normal person with a mortgage and car payment.  This is both an ending and a beginning and this blog is where I will begin to share it with you.

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